Catholic Prayer for a Miracle Right Now

Catholic Prayer for a Miracle Right Now
Catholic Prayer for a Miracle Right Now

The Catholic Prayer for a Miracle Right Now is intended for anyone who finds themselves in a very difficult situation. If you need a miracle healing, miracle baby, miracle job, if you are experiencing grieve, if you have a difficult relationship with someone, this beautiful prayer is for you - helps with all difficulties. Pray every day with a sincere heart and remember God hears every prayer and will help you in every sadness.

May this Prayer for Miracle Right Now help you fight all the pain in your life.

Prayer for a Miracle Right Now:

My Heavenly Father! Right now I'm standing before You in all my weakness, so sad and vulnerable. I have nothing to hide. I think I need you like never before. You are the One who knows everything. You know me best. You know what a burden lies on my heart now and how much I need a miracle in my life. This difficult situation is so overwhelming, I feel like I can't breathe and I know that I can't cope without you.

My God, I trust in Your Divine Mercy, in Your incredible wisdom and in your Love for me. You said that the door would be opened to those who knocked and everything will be found by those who seek. I truly believe and I beg you, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of His sufferings: wash me of my sins and take away my pain. Please, if it is Your will, renew me, make this great change in my life that I am asking You for.

I am so sorry for all my sins, for all the times when I didn't show mercy to my neighbors. Today I forgive all my enemies, those who have hurt me in any way. Today I surrender myself entirely to You, My Lord. Heal me from this evil, which I feel surrounded by and please fill me with strength. 

Please, come, Holy Spirit, and give me your gifts. Mother Mary, Saint Michael the Archangel, All Angels and Saints, pray for me and come to my aid. Amen.