Morning Prayer for a Good Day Today


Morning Prayer for a Good Day Catholic
Morning Prayer for a Good Day 

Do you want to start your day with God? Do you want your day to be blessed? Our Morning Prayer for a Good Day will help you. Believe that your day can be more beautiful than you could ever dream of, if you just trust in the Savior. Pour the power of hope into your heart thanks to your faith and go through life knowing that Heaven truly protects you. May you and your closed ones have a blessed day!

Morning Prayer for a Good Day 

Lord God, my Wonderful Creator! My heart is so grateful for the previous night, for the time you kindly gave me to rest. Thank You so much for allowing me to open my eyes again today, that I am ready to admire the beauty of the world, to experience how much You love and care for me. Thank you for being so Merciful.

Heavenly Father, I don't know my nearest future, what will happen to me today, who I will meet, what I will see, what I will experience - all that is a secret to me. You are the One who knows my future days, they are all your wonderful plan for me. Thank you for everything that will be part of my day, all the people I will talk to, all the people who will give me a smile, all the people I will pass on my way. You created them all. You are the Father of all of us.

I'm thinking about all the beauty of nature that will surround me today, for animals and plants, for every smallest living creature that is a reflection of Your beauty - I am already so grateful for all of these. Thank you for everything I see, hear and touch. Thank you for my senses and for the fact, that you reveal yourself in small and big things.

Please help me, God, to be able to cultivate gratitude and love for You in every minute of my life. I want to live the right way - Your Way. Grant that I use every talent you gave me to create good in life, that I may not miss the opportunity to make good deeds, that I may not lack kindness, empathy, understanding, love and mercy. I dream to be a better person. I beg you, bless me with your Love and  also help all those for whom this day will be difficult. Watch over us, over all the people in the world. Amen.

Make sure to use this Morning Prayer before work or school and share the text with everyone you love. Mornig Prayer for a Godd Day Today is so great for everyone to pray first thing after you open your eyes.