Prayer For a Guardian Angel Protection (catholic)

Prayer for a Guardian Angel Protection (catholic)
Prayer for a Guardian Angel Protection (catholic)

Prayer for a Guardian Angel Protection and Help is a wonderful catholic prayer before sleep or a calming morning prayer. Make sure you're always close to your Guardian Angel and listen closely to His words. 

Prayer For a Guardian Angel Protection (catholic):

Guardian Angel, My Deareast Friend! Thank you for always being in my life and protecting me so tenderly. Thank you for being another proof of God's great love for me.

Please, be with me every day, give me strength in my worst day. Support me in stress, comfort in sadness and worries. Give me courage when I need it most.

I am begging you, my Wonderful Angel, watch over me so that nothing bad happens. You are the one who can protect me from bad people, bad words, misfortunes and diseases.

Please, my Guardian Angel, be near me when I wake up and when I close my eyes to sleep. Let me perform my daily duties as best as I can, help me love God, my family and all my brothers and sisters in faith.

I trust you to be my advisor - please, fill my mind with the best thoughts and desires, so that I will always remember Christian values. I dream to be a good person, always near God. 

If I ever stray from the Path of Jesus, admonish me.  Don't let me get involved in Satan's evil plans. 

My Guardian Angel, I believe that you were with me from my first day in my mother's womb, please be with me also in the moment of my death. Grant that I may depart in grace, untainted by grave sin to be able to see the Face of the Lord forever. Amen.