Prayer for Anxiety and Fear (prayer for stress)

Prayer for Anxiety and Fear  (prayer for stress)
Prayer for Anxiety and Fear  (prayer for stress)

Prayer for Anxiety and Fear  (prayer for stress) is a wonderful prayer for depression and bad mood. If you have been worried for a long time and look into the future with fear, give your worries to the Lord - he will fill your heart with peace.

Prayer for Anxiety and Fear  (prayer for stress):

Dear God! There are times when I am so tired of my everyday duties and constant stress. Now I stop for a moment in this rush, now I want to listen to the silence and peace around me - in this silence YOU ARE, always present and always loving.

Thank you, Lord, for watching over me even when I don't notice your loving presence. You hold my hand when I feel bad, when I do something that fills me with anxiety. With you it's easier to live, to go through all this. With you it's easier to work and start each new day. I'm sorry that I don't always see the beauty of everyday life and that I often complain. I know I should be more grateful. Now I want to take this moment to focus on all Your beautiful gifts, to remind myself that my stress is not greater than Your Love and Mercy.

Father, I know you love me more than anyone else. I see Your Love in the strength you give me, in everything that is beautiful and important to me. Now I am passing to you all my life's burdens, the small and the big ones -  I am letting them fly straight to Heaven, because only you know the solution for all the problems. I entrust everything to You, opening myself to spiritual peace, trust and hope.

God, I feel that my heart is slowly calming down, destructive thoughts are going away, my tension is disappearing - You are greater than all my worries, You are everything that is important. Please, be with me in all times and straighten my paths. Amen.