Prayer for Israel and Palestine


Prayer for Israel and Palestine war catholic
Prayer for Israel and Palestine war

Prayer for Israel and Palestine war is a beautiful prayer for peace - pray everyday for those in need in the Middle East.

Prayer for Israel and Palestine:

Lord God, I'm coming to You with great sadness in my heart. The news from Israel and Palestine fills my eyes with tears, I feel so helpless, devastated for everyone living in war-torn countries. I am begging You for help they need.

Dear God, I beg you, have mercy on people harmed by Israel - Palestine war. Protect children, seniors and entire families. Have Mercy on every person whose life was so cruelly destroyed by this horrible conflict. I beg you, change the hearts of those who are in charge, who can make it stop. Let the Holy Spirit work and call them to repentance, let Good Angels bring peace to the world.

Lord, today I'm thinking about innocents who must shed blood in defense of their homes. Please, give them strength, assure them that You are with them, help them survive all the bad things and send them hope from Heaven. 

God, I beg you, lead me wherever I can help those in need, help me to be a good instrument in Your Hand, to serve You through works of mercy. I will do everything to destroy the desire to argue with others, to fill my heart with christian love instead. I entrust Israel, Palestine and the whole world to You - please renew the Earth and send it true peace forever. Amen.