Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in Life

Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in Life to have money
Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in Life

Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in Life is a wonderful spiritual support for your loved one. Prayer for my boyfriend to have money, health, happiness and a peace of mind will help you built your relationship with God. Pray everyday to see needed change.

Prayer for My Boyfriend Success in Life:

Lord God! Today I am kneeling before You, bringing You all my feminine joys and sorrows. I thank you with all my heart for my dear boyfriend, for all the happiness I feel since I met him. 

Lord, you know my boyfriend so well, nobody knows his biggest dreams and plans better than You do. You know his life goals and ambitions, You understand his every emotion and thought. You know his heart best as a Heavenly Father.

Please Lord, let my boyfriend be happy and succesful. Help him find a good job and fulfill his dreams, let him live in peace, in harmony with Your given values, enjoying every day you give him. Let my boyfriend achieve everything he dreams of, so that he can become closer to You and be a better person ready to take care of the ones he loves.

Please God, protect my boyfriend from all dangers, every threat to body and soul. You know what a good person my boyfriend is, he deserves happiness so much - I am begging you, give him your guidance and much needed blessing for the rest of his life.

For this intention, I offer you everything I have and everything I am. Please, watch over my boyfriend and our relationship, so we can be blessed as a happy marriage one day. Amen.