Prayer for Peace of Mind and Heart


Prayer for Peace of Mind and Heart
Prayer for Peace of Mind and Heart

Prayer for Peace of Mind and Heart is a wonderful prayer for anxiety and stress. Pray everyday to find much needed solace and comfort.

Prayer for Peace of Mind and Heart:

Heavenly Father! I come to you today, tired of carrying the cross of everyday worries, anxiety and fear. You know so well what is on my heart and what is happening in my life. You know well what I fear the most and what worries me so much. There is so much going on in my life right now.

Please, Lord, give my the peace of mind and  heart, calm my intrusive, destructive thoughts, fill me with love and trust.  Please, help me get rid of everyday stress and all the tension that has been my burden for some time now. You see my struggles and understand them so well. I trust that only You are able to comfort me, only You are able to relieve me from this darkness.

Please my God, give me encouragement, I need your Fatherly care and love.  I'm sorry that due to everyday worries, sometimes I am ungrateful, ununable to notice that You are always with me.

Please Fater, take my sadness away. I know that as a Christian,  I should be joyful and full of hope - pour it into me, I want to believe so much that I can find solace.

If it is Your will, please change the situation that is causing my anxiety. Help me free myself, force myself to take action that will be beneficial for me and good for my soul. Change me completely, I surround myself to You. Amen